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17 January 2013

2,126% increase for Rideau Canal tour boat

"Canal fees could sink tour vessels" article by Don Butler (The Ottawa Citizen Jan.17-C14) says the river cruise ship "Kawartha Voyageur" faces 2,126% increase in fees over last year and the day tour boat Rideau King 1,100%. Did I miss something?  Don't the genius policy wonks in Parks Canada know boats can move? Here's a similar article from Peterborough Examiner:

Obviously Parks Canada policy for heritage canals is made by people who have never made a canal transit, or possibly never been on a boat or a gone through a lock. They certainly have no appreciation of  the enormous economic spin-off of canal traffic (boats and tourists) on the surrounding towns. High fees just reduce boating tourists, which in turn reduces land tourists - what will they come for after the boats have gone?! I'm certain that the budget cuts will be to canal staff and maintenance. It should be made to Parks Canada office staff in Ottawa.

Email your comments to Parks Canada at before Feb. 18, 2013. I hope they get lots of feedback about this foolish proposal.  What were they thinking?


At January 17, 2013, Anonymous @bigridealake said...

Well said! My letter to Parks Canada went this morning...and to the Federal MPs.

Brenda Howes

At January 18, 2013, Anonymous John Hjalmarson said...

The new rates are really laughable - if the consequences weren't so serious

At May 09, 2013, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They want to raise their income but they don't realize the businesses and livelihood of the locals will be affected as well. If the number of people who go here goes down, then their income will also suffer. I hope this one doesn't happen to other parks. I recently went to rib trip oban and it would be a shame if I can't even enjoy a boat tour in my own place. Boat tours should be fun and affordable. Parks Canada, please!


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