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20 October 2020

Revenue Canada mysterious account change

Communication hell is when you get a postal letter from Canada Revenue Agency that's says a request to change your direct deposit information with CRA was processed JULY 20! No other explanation. I tried to sign on to my CRA account (which I can't remember using so it was definitely not July). I got an error message saying they were doing maintenance - oh yes, it's the weekend, so our civil servants are not working. Since when do you only connect online during office hours?!

But oddly enough, the phone number 1-800-959-8281 from the letter agreed with number for CRA so I thought i might be legit.  At least the music was nice so I set it to speakerphone for HOURS on hold until 5 pm before hanging up. Great service eh? I'm so not impressed.

Next day a planned hydro outage overnight finally ended at 8 am. I managed to connect to CRA to discover that last account connection was FEBRUARY. Then a not planned Rogers outage (internet, phone, tv) started at 9am and lasted most of the day. What the hell do I now?! I can't find out online, by email, or by phone why they sent me that letter?!


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