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18 November 2006

Water Levels falling in Canada

Nov/06: Canada's water levels are threatened, according to recent government reports. The problem is being blamed on lower precipitation, less snow and snow melt, and higher evaporation due to global warming. Warming temperatures reduce winter ice coverage, increase evaporation, and reduce river flows. Lower flows in the Athabasca River will affect oil sands development in Alberta. Lower water flows in the Great Lakes affects hydro-electricity production, tourism, recreational boating industry, and the loss of commercial shipping revenue - for every 1 inch drop, a 1,000-foot freighter loses 270 tons of cargo. Great Lakes levels began dropping after 1998 - Lakes Superior, Huron and Michigan are currently well below normal. International Joint Commission’s final report says less than one per cent of Great Lakes water is renewed annually by precipitation, surface water runoff, and inflow from groundwater sources.
(Environment Canada: Water Levels | | "Northern Ontario Business")


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