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22 March 2010

Canadian Sailors missing after Earthquake

Josée (Jade) Chabot (Montreal) was one of six aboard the training vessel SS Columbia, a 13-metre sailboat that was en route from Ecuador on Jan. 16 to Coquimbo, Chile to arrive end of February. An 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck Chile on Feb. 27, resulting in a tsunami along the coast. The boat has not been heard from since. Chabot took the journey to earn her skipper's licence. Another person on board is reported to be a woman from Nelson, B.C. [] Posted March 22, 2010.

April 12, 2010: The SS Columbia and all crew finally arrived in Chile after their families reported them missing at sea. The crew claimed the captain refused to let them use the radio to contact family when they found themselves becalmed far out to sea. []

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At March 23, 2012, Blogger Pat Drummond said...

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