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19 January 2013

Parks Canada proposal adds 6-day & Season Pass

Proposed canal fees have been adjusted on the Parks Canada website. They have added a seasonal pass (about double in price) and a 6-day pass, but not a canal transit pass. (Fees for 30-foot boat in brackets, my notes in green)

1. Single Lock $.60/ft ($18) 
   2012: $.45/ft in 2012 +33% based on $.90/ft 2-way fee

2. Multiple and Large Locks $.90/ft  ($27)
   ($.45/ft in 2012 +100%)

Will cost $16.20/ft ($486) to transit all Rideau Canal locksexcept Beverides. In 2012 it was $4.65/ft ($139.50) to transit the Rideau Canal one-way. 

3. Six Day pass $7.20/ft  ($216)   
   ($5.05/ft in 2012 +43%)
Unlimited lock passages for 6 individual days (does not need to be consecutive days.)

One-day pass missing - one of the most popular choice.

4. Seasonal Pass  $15.00/ft   ($450)
  ($8.80/ft in 2012 +70%)
Unlimited locking on all Parks Canada canals for a year.

Fees in the New York State canals for a 30-foot boat are $15 for a 2-day lock pass, $37.50 for 10 days, and $75 for the entire year (compare $450 above). Commercial fees are $10 per passenger capacity for hour dayliners (assume it's day tours); $30 for ships with cabins. It's interesting that about 25 years ago the NYS canals landscaped their lockstations and removed fees about the same time as the Rideau and Trent-Severn Canals started charging for lockage.

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