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9 May 2007

Federal regulation prohibits boat sewage discharge

The federal government released new regulations on May 8 against marine pollution that will affect all boats and ships in Canada. Sewage dumping will be prohibited, and all boats with a toilet will require an approved sewage sanitation device or holding tank. Dumping waste of any kind (garbage, oily bilge water) could result in a penalty. The new regulation gives authorities greater enforcement powers. Currently, many provinces have no regulations against sewage discharge. Dozens of cruise ships travel the B.C. coast every summer and the government has not charged any under previous regulations. (The Ottawa Citizen May 9)

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At January 07, 2010, Anonymous WantingFreedom said...

Yet another regulation implemented Canada wide which should only be for boating on overpopulated waters.

100 Million Liters of raw sewage pumped into Halifax harbor from the city every DAY, an they fish and sell the lobster on the open markets from those waters...

And they have the audacity to make this law...


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