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15 January 2007

B.C. Smuggler Set Free --Twice

Twice, police have seized vessels owned by Phil Stirling, carrying million of dollars worth of illicit drugs headed for the Canada. Both times, Phil Stirling and his crew were set free.

In 2001, American authorities seized the drug-laden Western Wind, owned by Phil Stirling, in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. They handed Stirling and his three crew over to Canadian authorities - B.C. police set them free. (Phil Stirling had a prison record on cocaine conspiracy-related charges.)

Last May, the RCMP seized the MV Bakur, a fishing vessel registered to Phil Stirling bound for B.C. They arrested Stirling and four men after finding $6.5 million worth of marijuana. The Crown entered stays of proceedings on all charges and set them free - again. Be careful sailing out there...
[The Vancouver Sun]


At January 27, 2007, Anonymous Sadie said...

A drug smuggling case has crumbled against a Ladysmith man and his accomplices, nabbed last May with 1,630 kilograms of marijuana on a fishing boat.

The Vancouver RCMP Drug Section found $6.5 million worth of Mexican bud in sealed cargo holds and behind false walls, after boarding the 47-meter MV Bakur in Ucluelet and searching it in Esquimalt.

Federal crown prosecutors have stayed charges of importation of a controlled substance because the evidence may not be admissible. Police found about 155 bales of marijuana on the boat.

Ralph Harris, 66, of Ladysmith, Phil Stirling, 52, formerly of Metchosin, now of Chase B.C., Sean Cochrane, 36, of Waham Alta., John Corbin, 46, of Chase, and Walberto Armenta-Ruelas, 40, of Mexico, were all arrested aboard the Bakur but charges were dropped in December...


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