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29 July 2007

Another World Cup rowing gold for Canada

The Canadian men's heavyweight eight (M8) won gold at a World Cup III rowing event in Lucerne, Switzerland, with a decisive victory over the world champion German team. Team members Brian Price, Andrew Byrnes, Kyle Hamilton, Adam Kreek, Dominic Seiterle, Malcolm Howard, Jake Wetzel, Ben Rutledge and Kevin Light had also won gold at Henley Royal Regatta in England. The lightweight women's double team, Tracy Cameron (Shubenacadie, NS), and Lindsay Jennerich (Victoria BC), claimed silver, with other top-level placings. [ Jul15/07]

At the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Canadians have excelled on the water. At the rowing regatta, Nathalie Maurer, Zoe Hoskins, Peggy Hyslop and Cristin McCarty of Canada won the gold medal in women's Quadruple Sculls rowing. Hoskins and Maurer also won silver in women’s pairs. The lightweight men's four, Andrew Borden, John Haver, Adam Reynolds, and Paul Amesbury, also took gold. In canoe/kayak competitions, Canadians won 7 medals. Kayaker Jill D'Alessio won gold in the women's K-1 500-metres. Kia Byers and Marie-Christine Schmidt won gold in the women's K-2 500. Angus Mortimer won gold in K-1 1,000. Silver for men's K-4 in 1,000 metres. Bronze for Benjamin Russell in men's C-1 1,000 metres and women's K-4 crew in the 500 metres. [ Jul19/07 |]

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28 July 2007

Rideau Canal named "World Heritage Site"

The United Nations declared the "monumental" Rideau Canal a world heritage site on its 175th anniversary this year, recognizing it for it's place in Canada'a history, its amazing engineering feats, as well its beauty and importance to the area's development. The oldest continuously operating canal in North America is a series of rivers and lakes connected by man-made canals and locks, which passes through the rock, forest, farms, and towns from Ottawa to Kingston, Ontario - truly a cruiser's dream. [Boating in Canada: Rideau Waterway]

26 July 2007

World Record by Human Powered Boat

Canadian Greg Kolodziejzyk set a new world record by pedaling his human-powered pedal boat 107.9 miles in 24 hours. His KidPower program encourages kids to live a healthier lifestyle by combining active living and healthy eating with achieving one's dreams and goals. In August 2006, Kolodziejzyk broke the human-powered world distance record by cycling 650 miles in 24 hours. Next he hopes to achieve a trans-Atlantic crossing by human-powered boat. (PrWeb News | |

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Lake Winnipeg Algae Toxic if Inhaled

Inhaling airborne blue-green algae, found in Lake Winnipeg, lakes in southern and central Manitoba, and dozens of lakes in Quebec, is toxic and can cause potentially serious health effects according to a recent study. The green film, also known as cyanobacteria, can become airborne when swimmers splash around in the water, and inhaling or swallowing the algae is linked to problems ranging from vomiting and fever to liver or brain damage and, in extreme cases, death. (CBC.CA Jul20/07 | Jul29/07)

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12 July 2007

Canadian men win at Henley Royal Regatta

The Canadian men's eight, rowing as Shawnigan Lake & Victoria City rowing clubs, finished the British race course in 6.24 to take the M8 and Grand Challenge Cup. Brian Price is Canada's coxswain and a three-time Grand Challenge Cup winner. The team is getting ready for the Lucerne World Cup Race July 13-15 in Switzerland, where they will face the top eights in the world. [ 8Jul/07]

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