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4 August 2007

Pleasure Craft Operator Card changes

Transport Canada is moving to restore credibility to the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) program by tightening up testing standards requiring boat operators to prove competency to operate a boat. The program has been plagued by problems, with reports of various abuses. Currently, "approved trainers" charge fees to take a multiple-choice exam of 36 questions (on 149 key learning points) and provide the government card if you pass. Changes promised include more auditing, new rules for exams, a national registry of card holders, and possibly a tougher exam.

All boat operators in Canada require the card is by the fall of 2009. About two million of Canada's estimated seven million boaters already carry the card that is supposed to certify them as safe, knowledgeable mariners. The card is good for life. [Globe and Mail 07Aug4 | PCOC information]

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