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8 November 2007

Canadian to enter Atlantic Rowing Race

On Dec. 2, Paul Attalla, 36, from Fernie, B.C., will be the first Canadian to enter the Atlantic Rowing Race. He will attempt to row 5,500 kilometres (3400 mi) from the Canary Islands across the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua on a custom 24-foot boat "The Spirit of Fernie" - alone, with no motor or sails. He is one of only five solo entries (20 entrants are pairs and fours). The race, expected to take about 100 days, is known as one of the toughest endurance tests in the world. []

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At February 18, 2008, Blogger Pat Drummond said...

Paul arrived in English Harbour, Antigua on February 16, 2008, the first Canadian since the race begain 1997. Congratulations Paul.


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