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14 September 2008

Quebec think-tank advocates Selling Canada's Water

The Montreal Economic Institute, has released a report (Aug 27) that says Quebec could make up to $65 billion a year by selling “just 10%” of its blue gold to the United States to the south. They suggest that redefining water as a trade item would actually protect Canada’s water resources by requiring the creation of “a legal and regulatory framework.”

The report conflicts with Canadian public opinion. Since the 1960’s, Canadians have rejected ideas by private companies and the U.S. government to divert bulk quantities of Canada’s fresh water or to turn water into a tradeable commodity like oil or wood. Although the World Resources Institute lists Canada #3 in renewable water (replenished by precipitation), the Polaris Institute noted 60% of Canada’s rivers flow away from populated areas into the Arctic and cannot be used by even Canada.

Montreal Economic Institute report:
Polaris Institute:

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