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17 July 2009

Canadian Boats Visiting the U.S. will require a $49 Licence

After Sept. 19, 2009, Canadian boaters will have to have a $49 licence to operate a powered boat in the U.S. In contrast, Americans boating in Canadian waters only have to apply for an operator licence if they stay more than 45 consecutive days.


At April 27, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know whether this is true? Or who in the US we could contact to find out more?

Seems awfully farfetched if someone is just going to fish for the weekend.

At April 28, 2010, Blogger Pat Drummond said...

Look in the government directory at Boating in Canada for U.S. departments: Or contact state governments to complain - they might be more sympathetic to anything that discourages tourists.


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