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8 September 2011

Fishing along the Canadian border just got complicated

Canada Border Services went overboard June 29, 2011 by fining Roy Andersen, an American boater in the St. Lawrence, $1000 for fishing in Gananoque Narrows (just across the border in the middle of the river) without reporting to customs. It was either "pay on-the-spot" or CBSA would have handcuffed them and towed the boat to shore.

According to MP Pierre Polievre, the CBSA refunded $999 of the poor guy's fine. One has to wonder what the federal government needed to keep that extra $1 for - I'd love to see the paperwork on that. So far, CBSA has been too proud to back down on this fiasco, which would have solved everything. They "improved" the so-called rules to allow people cruising along the border to phone in, instead of going to a border port. Big deal. You still have to check in if you are simply cruising in the river. Result? No one will come anywhere near Canada - to shop, fish, spend the night, or anything else. Who needs the hassle?! It makes you wonder why anyone would buy a boat. The days of freedom on the water are long over.

There is only improvement that would keep borders open to legitimate travel, but closed to criminals -- just go back to the previous practice of requiring border check-in only after docking or anchoring in Canadian waters. Just like the US border does. Just like it's been for decades. The border in the St. Lawrlence River is invisible for heaven's sake!

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2 September 2011

86 year old Canadian sails across North Atlantic

Jack Nye from Mississauga, ON, is currently just north of Flemish Cap (the Grand Banks) sailing to Long Pond, Newfoundland from Bantry Bay, Ireland - his final trans-Atlantic double crossing. He is sailing his specially rigged 29-ft Alberg sailboat with Irish friend Julian as crew. Earlier this summer he left Halifax, sailing non-stop to England, then continued on to Ireland, and now sailing back to Canada. He is about 10 days late, but his family has received a one-way radio message from a ship to say that they are OK. They estimate he should arrive in Long Pond around September 3rd. He should have some good stories to tell - perhaps of an encounter with Hurricane Irene! [Sep.2/2011]

Jack Nye is 86 years old, and a World War 2 Royal Navy veteran. This is his 18th trans-Atlantic double crossing.

Sep. 13, 2011: Jack Nye has returned home safely to Canada.

Update Sep. 28, 2011 from Mark Nye, Jack's son:
This is an update to let you know that my dad has arrived home safe and sound after an amazing double crossing of the North Atlantic aboard his 29-ft Alberg sailboat. He had quite a time with broken rigging and ripped sails on the way over, then pounding rain and strong headwinds on the return crossing. His friend Julian is back in Ireland, and Jack and the boat are back in Mississauga. This was his last of 18 Atlantic crossings plus 3 times around the Horn.

More: Jack Nye 2011 Atlantic Crossings in "Panderama II"

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