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29 March 2013

Different Mooring Rates for Canals & National Parks

I've discovered that fees for the Georgian Bay National Park and the St. Lawrence National Park are much lower than the Rideau Canal (and all other heritage canals).  Since they are all operated by Parks Canada, why are mooring fees different? I was assured the proposed canal fees were to be standard across Canada and (wrongly) assumed the mooring fees would also be standardized. Especially since day mooring on the canals had previously been free. If you are just anchoring, the daily fee is $5.80 per person (with other fees for seniors etc.).

Georgian Bay Islands National Park of Canada

Mooring Fees per Foot 2013 St. Lawrence Rideau Canal
Day (up to 12 hours, but not overnight)$ 0.40$ 0.50
Overnight (includes day mooring)$ 0.90$ 1.25
Seasonal$ 9.80$20.00

Current heritage canal mooring fees will remain in effect until the proposed Canal mooring fees are finally implemented in 2013.

Parks Canada's 3rd canal fees proposal

6 March 2013

Proposed Canal Fees - 7 days left to comment

"Parks Canada will continue to address concerns and will endeavour to resolve user fee complaints that arose during the public consultation period. Canadians now have until 11:59 PM (EDT) March 13, 2013 to submit a complaint as per the User Fees Act."

A document they sent also said: "Only fully completed forms received by 11:59 PM (EDT) April 12th, 2013 to
will be accepted by Parks Canada as a formal application."

So if you are not happy with the high fees proposed for mooring and locking in Canada's heritage canals, you have a very short time left to contact the government. Email Parks Canada at:

Everyone should complain about the reduced canal locking service as well, since they will shrink the local economy as much as high fees or a shorter season. Government propaganda means little. Tourism growth requires making the visitor experience better, more convenient, or cheaper. 

Final Parks Canada Fee Proposals:
Lockage Fee Proposal:
Mooring Fee Proposal:

View the email sent by Parks Canada and the attached documents for complain resolution here: