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30 January 2020

Alan Mulholland's Circumnavigation ends after 6 Months

To attempt a solo circumnavigation, Alan Mulholland bought his eight-metre boat "Wave Rover" for $3500 and rebuilt it for $10,000. He departed Summerside, P.E.I. in July 2019, taking 3 weeks to cross the Atlantic Ocean to the Azores and the Canary Islands. By the end of December he left the islands off the coast of Africa, sailing west toward the Caribbean, where he planned to take the Panama Canal into the South Pacific. A storm damaged his boat and equipment plus he cracked two ribs. He reached Marinique about 8 days later, around Jan. 26, 2020. But he was forced to stay for 2 months because of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The only way he could leave was sailing non-stop back to Canada in May. Mulholland had previously sailed solo from B.C. to Australia.

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