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24 August 2010

U.S. Boaters don't know Canadian Laws

It probably wouldn't surprise boaters who cruise across that invisible border in the St. Lawrence River that they might run into the Ontario Provincial Police for a safety check. Visitors don't require an operator licence for short stays, but the OPP will check for required safety equipment such as life vests, paddle, throwable floating device, and even a waterproof flashlight. Fines for not having mandatory safety equipment can cost up to $200 for each missing item.

At home, an open container of beer wouldn't cause much trouble, but in Ontario it's illegal and could cost you a $125 fine. If you are impaired, an offence under the Criminal Code of Canada, you can expect a fine of $600 or more. Having or using fishing equipment requires a provincial fishing licence, which can be purchased at some marinas and towns. And leave your guns at home! [Entering Canada by Boat | Transport Canada]

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