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17 January 2008

Boating: $26.8 billion to Canada's '06 Economy

The Canadian Discover Boating program has released an Economic Impact Study of Recreational Boating in Canada 2006. Canada's recreational boating had a $26.8 billion impact on Canada's economy in 2006 - in jobs, sales, travel, repairs, taxes, tourism revenues and consumer spending. Canadian boaters spent C$15.6 billion on boat and engine sales, accessories and other boating expenses in 2006. The report also indicates 373,606 jobs and 10% of Canada's tourist dollars come from recreational boating. (Study by: Genesis Public Opinion Research Inc. with Smith/Gunther Associates) [News | CMMA: Discover Boating |]


14 January 2008

New rules to Enter the U.S. by boat

Beginning January 31, 2008, all U.S. and Canadian citizens must have more identification to enter the U.S.A. by boat, ferry, train, or bus. Under a new U.S. law, all travelers over 19 years of age must have a proof of citizenship (birth certificate, naturalization certificate) and government-issued photo ID (drivers license) at U.S. land and sea border stations. Passports are valid for both requirements. Children 18 and under will need just a birth certificate for now. (Passports are currently required to enter the U.S. by air, and will be required for all travel to the U.S. by June 2009) [U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)]

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5 January 2008

Canadian attempts Circumnavigation Record

Kim Chow route 2007-08 Glenn Wakefield is attempting to become the first person to sail solo, non-stop around the world westward from North America. He departed Victoria on September 23, 2007, and expects to return by July 2008. At last report, Glenn was in the Southern Ocean near Australia heading to Cape Horn.

His 12-metre yacht "Kim Chow" is a Rhodes designed Cheoy Lee Offshore 40' sloop built in 1969, and refitted extensively for the voyage. He is reported sailing west in the Southern Ocean near Australia. Sailing west in the "Roaring 40's" against prevailing winds and currents is much more difficult than sailing east. []

April 2008 update: Glen has ended his voyage after his sloop was damaged when it rolled over in a storm off the Falkland Islands. He suffered a concussion in the event and was picked up by an Argentinian naval vessel, who stood by 48 hours before they could safely transfer him to their ship.

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