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28 June 2009

Smuggling across Canada-USA Water Borders

U.S. law enforcement is putting more resources into stopping smuggling across the waterways between Michigan and Ontario -- primarily narcotics and illegal immigrants coming into Michigan and alcohol and cigarettes going into Canada. U.S. Border Patrol made 761 arrests last year in Michigan, mostly along the St. Clair and Detroit rivers. Detroit Free Press | Boating in Canada News: U.S. and Canadian Border Security

10 June 2009

"Element Quest" plans circumnavigation

Ken Kell and Ashley Acheson of Ontario purchased a 15 metre (48') pilot-house cutter, renamed "Element Quest", with plans to take the sailboat on a 35,000-mile circumnavigation. Kell is a longtime extreme sports athlete known for snowboarding, skydiving and climbing is a trained chef. They are signing on crew online for various legs of the voyage from ocean to coastal cruising.
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'Perfect Storm' fisherman convicted in Canada

Maine fisherman and author Linda Greenlaw, who survived the Atlantic storm that was the basis for the book and movie "The Perfect Storm" has been convicted on charges of illegally fishing inside Canadian waters. Greenlaw was the last person in contact with the Andrea Gail before it sank in the 1991 storm.
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