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23 November 2013

Canadian Diane Reed suffers broken mast

Diane Reid is the first Canadian woman to take part in the challenging Mini Transat race from France to the Caribbean across the Atlantic Ocean in a 6.5m (21') sailboat.  Stormy weather delayed the start for weeks. She had already stopped in Portugal to repair boat damage, with strict time limits. A week into the race Diane Reid's mast broke and she jury-rigged her mast and was sailing to the Canary Islands for more repairs.

Live Race:  (select Yslab from the drop-down list for Diane's class)Diane's boat location is here:

This race is one of the most difficult single-handed races Diane is allowed only a short range VHF radio and paper charts -- no electronic navigation, forecasts, computers, or Sat. phones. When problem happen, you are very alone. The only modern aid is a transponder to allow boat position to be tracked.

From Diane's website:
What could be more amazing than racing single-handed over 4,300 nautical miles (about 8,000 kilometres) . . . solo, on a boat you can fit in your living room, and scream downwind at 20 knots!


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