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27 February 2018

Get Ready for Boating Season

Yes, friends, the boating season in Canada starts in the spring for many of us - anywhere from now along the Atlantic or Pacific shores to May in cottage country (or whenever the ice melts). Here are a few things you can do before you start getting your 'pride and joy' ready to hit the water.

  1. Does everyone in the family have their PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operators Card)? Make sure they have it with them whenever you go boating - you never know when they may need to take the wheel.

  2. Check the list of required equipment for your size and type of boat. The regulations may have changed since you last checked, and there are more and more water-side checks by police boats.

  3. On a related topic, check the latest regulations in your province about carrying, drinking alcohol on a boat. You don't want to take the chance of losing your driving licence - yes that's for your car.

  4. If you ever go boating near the border, check the latest regulations for entering the U.S.. You never know when weather or breakdowns will require you to enter a U.S. port.

  5. Even though your VHF radio doesn't require a licence, everyone in the crew needs a Marine Radio operator's certificate to talk on the radio? You have a VHF radio right? It's superior to a cell phone for boating emergencies.

  6. There's still time to take a first aid course or CPR training. There are no doctors out on the water...

  7. While you're at it, print a couple of "float plan" sheets to fill in and leave with friends when you take a trip or cruise this summer.

  8. Last is the pre-launch checklist. Happy boating and have a great summer!